The G. Family | Denver, CO Photographer

Meet the sweetest little guy we were lucky enough to photograph a few weeks ago. As you can tell, he is SO loved, especially by his big sister. Take a look for yourself!
Denver-CO-Photographer_0035 Denver-CO-Photographer_0036 Denver-CO-Photographer_0037 Denver-CO-Photographer_0038 Denver-CO-Photographer_0039 Denver-CO-Photographer_0040 Denver-CO-Photographer_0041 Denver-CO-Photographer_0042 Denver-CO-Photographer_0043 Denver-CO-Photographer_0044 Denver-CO-Photographer_0045 Denver-CO-Photographer_0046 Denver-CO-Photographer_0047 Denver-CO-Photographer_0048 Denver-CO-Photographer_0049

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