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We are a tad behind on blogging but we’re determined to keep at it! With Thanksgiving over things are starting to slow down just a tad and my OCD tendencies are kicking in…we WILL show you all of the amazing families we’ve photographed over the last 3 months!

First up is this amazing family who flew in from all over for their annual family reunion. This year it was in Silverthorne in the middle of summer, which is kinda like heaven if you ask us! Just think…mountain views, 70 degrees, wildflowers and sunshine!

01-Silverthorne-CO-Family-Photographer 02-Silverthorne-CO-Family-Photographer 03-Silverthorne-CO-Family-Photographer 04-Silverthorne-CO-Family-Photographer 05-Silverthorne-CO-Family-Photographer 06-Silverthorne-CO-Family-Photographer 07-Silverthorne-CO-Family-Photographer 08-Silverthorne-CO-Family-Photographer 09-Silverthorne-CO-Family-Photographer 10-Silverthorne-CO-Family-Photographer 11-Silverthorne-CO-Family-Photographer 12-Silverthorne-CO-Family-Photographer 13-Silverthorne-CO-Family-Photographer 14-Silverthorne-CO-Family-Photographer 15-Silverthorne-CO-Family-Photographer

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