Baby W. | Denver CO Photographer

Meet little W…future golf star, Tonka Truck driving little dude. 🙂 We had SO much fun with him and his family. His big sister couldn’t get enough of him and he did an awesome job making her giggle with all of his expressions.
01-Denver-CO-Photographer 02-Denver-CO-Photographer 03-Denver-CO-Photographer 04-Denver-CO-Photographer 05-Denver-CO-Photographer 06-Denver-CO-Photographer 07-Denver-CO-Photographer 08-Denver-CO-Photographer 09-Denver-CO-Photographer 10-Denver-CO-Photographer 11-Denver-CO-Photographer 12-Denver-CO-Photographer 13-Denver-CO-Photographer 14-Denver-CO-Photographer 15-Denver-CO-Photographer 16-Denver-CO-Photographer 17-Denver-CO-Photographer

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