Lauren | Denver, CO Photographer

I adore working with seniors, and Lauren was no exception. She was so natural in front of the camera and (I’ve said this on our FB page) is as kind as she is beautiful. Congrats to you Lauren, we cannot wait to see all the adventures you go on!

Make-Up by the incredible Kim Clay of Colorado Springs.

Denver-CO-Senior-Photographer-1 Denver-CO-Senior-Photographer-2 Denver-CO-Senior-Photographer-3 Denver-CO-Senior-Photographer-4 Denver-CO-Senior-Photographer-5 Denver-CO-Senior-Photographer-6 Denver-CO-Senior-Photographer-7 Denver-CO-Senior-Photographer-8 Denver-CO-Senior-Photographer-9 Denver-CO-Senior-Photographer-10 Denver-CO-Senior-Photographer-11 Denver-CO-Senior-Photographer-12 Denver-CO-Senior-Photographer-13 Denver-CO-Senior-Photographer-14 Denver-CO-Senior-Photographer-15

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