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I don’t blog much personal information on here, minus a few photos of my boys here and there…but I wanted to share more today. More than I would normally.

Two years ago, Sept. 4th 2010, my family was told our little brother had been murdered by someone he’d never met before. After 18 months that man was sentenced to 33 years and our family started the healing process and we were able to find some closure.

10 days ago, on Sept. 4th 2012, my sister gave birth to a beautiful and healthy little girl, Jazmine. That little baby is a sweet and surreal reminder of how beautiful life can be. I adore her and her tiny little toes and sweet head of hair. It is amazing how this world works.

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  1. Lora, I am so sorry for your shocking loss two years ago. I can’t imagine how heartbreaking that was for your family. Sweet little Jazmine is so precious and I hope her presence in your family brings a little bit more healing. She has the cutest baby lips I’ve ever seen! Congratulations auntie!

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